I see some complain about Facebook.

It’s free, and it’s optional to use, so I don’t see much reason to complain.

Also, it’s possible to completely tailor the content to what you enjoy and find useful. I am selective about who I friend and which pages or groups I subscribe to, I mute (or unsubscribe) to sources I am less interested in, and Like the ones I would like to see more of. I am also very selective about what I post, and rarely post anything very personal.

I am not saying it’s perfect, but it’s a good example of how we either can see ourselves as a victim – of an evil corporation, or friends who send out messages we are not interested in. Or how we can take charge, remind ourselves it’s all completely optional, and that we can tailor our experience and interactions (at least to a large extent).

It’s just like life. Although Facebook is much more of a contained sandbox than life is.

What I tend to see on Facebook is posts from select friends, and interesting articles on science, sustainability, critical social analysis, and more grounded and practical spirituality.

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