Living Inquiries: A different logic

The Living Inquiries help me explore my own experience, and see how my mind creates my experience of the world. And it does so at a basic and elementary level of the mind and experience. It looks at images, words, and sensations and how these sometimes appear glued together, as experiential phenomena.

At this level, a different logic operates than what we are used to in our everyday life. It’s the logic of velcro, of how images, words and sensations gets glued together, and (the mechanisms of) how this glue softens or melts away.

To me, this is similar to the relationship between regular physics and quantum physics. A different logic applies to those two levels of reality, and we cannot understand the elementary and basic level very well by applying the physics we know from everyday life.

Through living inquiries, we get to be more familiar with this logic, the logic of velcro. We get to see how traumatic experiences, often early in life, glued together certain images, words and sensations, and how this bundle continued to operate in our life and influence how we perceive and live our life. We also get to see how this glue dissolves and can melt away, freeing us up from being caught by these bundles.


Initial notes….

  • living inquiries
  • a different logic than what we are used to
  • similar to regular physics vs quantum physics
  • a different level of exporation, so conventional logic doesn’t apply so much
  • is more the logic of velcro, the typically subconsicous mind


The levels of mind and our experien we explore through inquiry – in my case Living Inquiries – is more finely grained than what we are usually aware of, and it functions on a different logic than our conventional one.

A good analogy may be the difference between regular physics and quantum physics.

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