Why we resist what can be helpful (sometimes)

Why do we sometimes resist what can help us?

I can find quite a few possible reasons:

We are not ready for it. We are not ready to try it, or to have the problem resolve.

We have been disappointed in the past and don’t want to be again, so we reject it altogether. (From a wound, identification, belief.)

We don’t want others to tell us what to do. It may feel patronizing, or as outside pressure. (If it does, it points to beliefs and wounds.)

We don’t trust the messenger or the remedy. (For good reasons, or because of a wound/identification.)

We want to give what we are already trying a go, and don’t want to mix too many things. (This is very valid, especially if what we are already doing is working or has a good chance of working.)

I am sure there are other possible reasons. I have experienced this in my own life. For instance, I knew that some used herbs to heal from chronic fatigue but I had a prejudice about it until a friend convinced me to seek a local herbalist. It was a turning point in getting back to health. (The prejudice was that herbs wouldn’t have much effect, and that it was mostly used by naive new agey people.)


Initial notes…..

  • Why resist what can help us
  • Disappointed in the past (expect similar result, don’t want to get hopes up so reject it altogether)
  • Not ready (to try it, or to have the problem resolve)
  • Don’t want others to tell us (feels patronizing, outside pressure)
  • Don’t trust the person or the remedy (not the right source/messenger)
  • Want to give what am already trying a go, don’t want to mix too many things (very valid, if what we are doing is working or has a good chance of working)

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