Admitting to not knowing


Initial notes….

  • not knowing
    • different types
      • don’t know anything for certain, always tentative, will seem outdated in a while etc. 
        • in daily life, still act on our tentative knowledge but recognize it as just that, receptive, curious 
      • don’t know in a conventional sense, missing info or experience  
    • make use for myself
      • find where I don’t thoroughly know that I don’t know
      • for me, not 100% OK with illness / life situation, so don’t thoroughly know that the thoughts I have about it are just questions, assumptions, tentative etc. 
    • with client
      •  admit don’t know anything for certain
      • admit when don’t know in conventional sense, e.g. what to do next, how to best approach an issue 
      • sit in the not knowing for a while, see what happens 
    • ….


  • also knowing what we are, which is a wordless knowing and resting as what we are 

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