Dream: Asian neighborhood

I am in Oslo, although it feels more like a larger and more bustling and diverse city like San Francisco or London. I am in the Asian neighborhood, with Asian stores and restaurants. I am partly on my own and partly with friends, exploring the neighborhood, including a large library and/or bookstore. Towards the evening, I am walking with a group of friends to a restaurant to celebrate the new year. As we turn a corner, we see a lot of blood flowing out from a Korean restaurant.

This dream had a feeling of embracing the bustling activities and experiences of a larger group of people, and perhaps all of humanity. In the end, including violence and tragedy. There was a sense of it all being part of the wholeness, fullness, and richness of human experience.

I had this dream after receiving healing for a central childhood issue the night before. It may have brought a lot up to the surface for me, expressed through this dream.

I am not sure why the restaurant was specifically Korean.

Note: When I looked at the news after writing this, I saw that Kim Jung-Un – the leader of North Korea – may be seriously ill. This has been contradicted by South Korea. So perhaps it’s not much of a synchronicity.

The photo is from San Francisco’s Chinatown a few years back.

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