Byron Katie: Make friends with mediocrity, it’s the place of balance

Make friends with mediocrity. It’s the place of balance.

– Byron Katie

If we are sincere and honest with ourselves, we see that we are mediocre. Even if the world tells us we are excellent at something, we know that we really are somewhere in the middle. The scale stretches infinitely in both directions.

There are many upsides to seeing ourselves as mediocre. It leaves infinite room for continuing to explore, discover, and develop. There is no particular special identity to defend or uphold or live up to. It opens for a more real connection with others. It opens for receptivity and learning. Ultimately, it’s more real and aligned with reality.

There is a lot more to this. We cannot really take credit for anything since it’s all given to us – our talent, resources, skills, passion, interests, opportunities, and so on. It all comes from somewhere else. Even our choices come from somewhere else. It’s all given to us from life and the universe. From genetics, upbringing, society, culture, and the evolution of our species, this living planet, and the universe as a whole. And all of this is is really the expression of life, the universe, and existence. All that’s expressed through and as this human being is the local and temporary expression of life, the universe, and existence as a whole.

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