A sweet zone for working with what comes up

I have had some strong unprocessed material come up recently, in the typical “bubbles of separation consciousness” fashion where they come up, peak, and then subside.

When these are very strong, I often shift between distracting myself and meeting what’s coming up, and it’s a way to explore how to relate to strong energies. I often don’t feel I get to explore what’s coming up in detail when this happens. (I imagine some are able to, and I sometimes am too – especially if I have the support of someone else.)

When they have subsided and gone mostly dormant again, I can still explore them although they are less alive and I may be motivated to spend my time on something else. (Again, it’s very possible to explore mostly dormant issues in-depth, it’s just that I find I not always do.)

For me, there is a kind of sweet zone inbetween these two. It has passed it’s peak, and it’s still here, so I am motivated to explore it and it’s still alive in my experience. It’s easy to connect with.

This morning, I spent some time with a couple of things that had peaked yesterday – unloved and unsafe. And it was very beautiful to explore these and hold space for them to unwind. They were still alive for me. I was motivated due to the peak yesterday. And they were not so strong that I mostly had to focus on the reactivity that came up in me in response to them.

This is just me right now, although I suspect it’s relatively universal.

At the same time, as I mentioned, it’s fully possible to explore this in-depth while they are strong, and we also get to explore any reactivity that comes up in us in response to the intensity. And it’s fully possible to explore more dormant energies and issues.

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