A Vortex Healing experience: Adjusting the set-point for my weight

I thought I would occasionally share some of my experiences with Vortex Healing.

For most of my life, apart from a chubby early childhood, I have been quite skinny and at the low normal range of the BMI. For many years, I tried to put on weight in all the regular ways: By eating a lot of food and calories. Doing strength training (two hours three times a week). And so on. And nothing happened.

A couple of years after starting with Vortex Healing, a senior student shared that he had successfully reset the set-point for his weight using Vortex Healing, and lost weight that way.

So I did a couple of Vortex Healing sessions for myself, with the intention of creating a new set-point higher up within the normal BMI range. Within one or two weeks, and without noticing any difference in how or what I ate, my weight went effortlessly up several kilos.

It went from being in the 65-70kg range to the 80-85kg range, and it’s been in the high normal BMI range since. It feels much more comfortable. And it also seems that my system is a bit more relaxed with the little extra padding and reserves.

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