Reverence for what gives us life

Worshipping what gives us life — the sun, water, soil, ancestors, fellow living beings, the Earth, the universe as a whole – makes a lot of sense.

And worship here, for me, means reverence and gratitude.

It makes a lot of sense to have reverence and gratitude for what gives us life, and that’s everything.

The Sun. Water. Soil. Plants. Animals. Humans. Ancestors. Earth as a living whole. The universe as a whole. It’s all a seamless system. All of it is why we are here. All of it is what gives us life.

I should also mention something about the meme above. It’s phrased as either-or to get a point across. For me, it’s both-and. I can have reverence for what gives this human self life, and what gives all beings life. I can find myself as the unseen, as the consciousness the world to me happens within and as. And none of that excludes Spirit as an unseen consciousness that everything – all of existence and all of our experiences – happen within and as.

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