Hatred is a problem, love is not

This innocent and beautiful post was celebrated by many, although it unfortunately also got some bigoted comments. (Which is good, in a way, since it brings the bigotry out in the open.)

Hatred is a problem, love is not.

Two people showing affection and love for each other is something to be celebrated. It’s what we need more of in the world.

We definitely do not need more bigotry and small-mindedness, although some people seem to wake up in the morning and think “That’s exactly what we need more of”.

As I have said in several other articles:

There are so many far more important issues in the world today – poverty, people dying from treatable illnesses, global ecological overshoot, and so on. Why not spend your energy on those?

If you found yourself as a minority in an area of life, how would you like to be treated by others? You may already be a minority and likely are, and you may also find yourself as an obvious minority at any moment.

The way we view and treat others is inevitably the way we view and treat sides of ourselves. Do you really want to treat yourself that way?

Homosexuality is found in hundreds if not thousands of species. It’s natural. Homophobia is found in one species.

Image of the soon-to-be Olympic climber Campbell Harrison and his partner Justin.

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