Dream: neglected daughter

I have a daughter from some years back, and have neglected her (in fact, I had completely forgotten about her until she came back into my life and was shocked over how I could have forgotten). She desperately needs and wants my love, connection and attention, and I promise myself to include her more fully in my life. She was nurtured and happy early on in her life, but has been neglected for several years.

I have recently worked more with the heart-felt being with of whatever comes up at a human level, and especially any reactiveness and emotions (such as frustration, irritability, sadness, anger)… and this dream seems directly connected with that. This heart-felt seeing was a natural and important part of my life for several years during my initial awakenining (which was a head and heart center awakening), but went out the window during the dark night phase.

This daughter represent vulnerable parts of my human self, which used to be nurtured, but have been neglected for a while now.

During the day, her presence has stayed with me and I have dialogued with her and committed even more clearly and strongly to be with her and be there for her, in a heart-felt way. It has been a very nurturing process.

Heart-felt being with

I just finished a bodywork intensive, and will write down a few things that came up over the last few days. One of the themes lately has been heart-felt seeing of what comes up at the human level, or a heart-felt being with. This is a being-with where the three centers are all included… the head (seeing), the belly (felt-sense) and the heart (loving, empathy).

Yesterday and today, a sadness came up, and if I try to push it away it becomes an “other” that is unpleasant and uncomfortable, an apparent hindrance. But if there is a heart-felt being with it, it is revealed as a sweet tenderness, which is also experienced as a nurturing fullness. From being an unwanted and uncomfortable distraction (when pushed away) it becomes a sweet nurturing supporting fullness.

Beyond this, I can of course explore the beliefs behind the sadness (my life should be different, in a specific way), tracking the process behind it, and so on.

Receptivity and the three centers

A change in one of the three centers invites a corresponding change in the other two…

  • Receptivity at the head center invites a seeing of the truths in the reversals of any stories, and of all as Spirit. And this in turn invites a sense of connection with others, and a felt-sense of life as safe and OK.
  • Receptivity at the heart center invites a sense of connection with others (with anything seen as other), and a loving of all as Spirit. This invites more fluidity of view, and a felt-sense of all as Spirit.
  • Receptivity at the belly center invites a sense of safety, nurturing, and trust in life, and a felt-sense of all as Spirit. This invites fluidity of view, a sense of connection with other, and loving all as Spirit.

Similarly, practices at each center influences each other center either directly or indirectly…

  • Head center practices invites us to see more clearly what is already more true for us.
  • Heart center practices invites an open heart, empathy, gratitude, loving all as Spirit.
  • Belly center practices invites a felt sense of safety, deep nurturing, trust in life and existence, and of all as God’s will and Spirit itself.

These changes allow us to deepen into who we are as individual humans and souls, making it easier to be who we temporarily take ourselves to be, and inviting a continuing healing, maturing and development of our human self. And they make it easier for what we are to notice itself, for Big Mind to awaken to itself, even while functionally connected with this human self.

It all goes together, threads in one tapestry.

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