Most Amazing

The most amazing, the most profound mystery, is that anything exists at all.

How can that be? What did it emerge from? What went before? Where does space come from? These are questions natural for humans, but they only reflect our limited perceptions of the world. We are finite creatures living on a small time/space scale. Our brains are developed for dealing with our human situation, not for a clear overview of the universe.

And still, we can experience existence from a transdual view, from a more inclusive “big picture”. From this view, we see – directly experience – that everything is beyond dualities. Beyond existence and nonexistence, mind and matter, subject and object, and beyond any human concerns of good and evil, right and wrong, truth and false. Existence is beyond all polarities, and embracing all polarities. There is no before and after. Everything just is.

And from this view, it all makes sense while the mystery is only more profound.

How can it be that anything exists at all?

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