Projections, No Separation & Breema

A direct experience of No Separation, either low level or full blown transdual, allows projections to integrate. We have a direct experience of any characteristic or quality in both the outer and the inner world. One becomes a reminder of the other.

My personality still has reactions coming up (aversions) to people who are noisy from lack of awareness. It means that my conscious identity not yet has expanded to include these characteristics. I see them in others, and not in myself. And I relate to these qualities with aversion in both the inner and outer world.

I am practicing placing myself in situations with noisy/boisterous/unaware people around, and asking myself “can I experience these qualities in myself?”. It is painful, but also expanding. I have a stronger/different sense of no separation when I do this. More qualities in the world are included in the no separation, and my sense of this personality expands as well.

Breema is a wonderful support in this process. I can stay with body comfortable and no extra, while opening myself to experience in myself what I am seeing in the other, in this Now…

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