Awareness & Phenomena

There are at least four major types of relationship between awareness and phenomena.


Awareness can be contracted and closely identified with sensations, emotions and thoughts – the processes of the personality. In this situation, there is little room for overview and choice. Awareness is blindly caught up with sensations, emotions and thoughts, and push away or fuel these.

Pitfall: Blindly repress and/or act on the habitual patterns of the personality – blind attractions and aversions. Only live from, with awareness of, one half of existence.


All phenomena of the inner and outer world unfold within spacious awareness. There is a sense of witnessing, overview and choice.

Pitfall: Sense of disidentification with and distance to the world. Detatched.


There is a resting in luminous awareness, but little or no focus on unfolding phenomena.

Pitfall: Rests in only one half of Existence. Not integrated, embodied.


All inner/outer phenomena unfold in spacious and luminous awareness as a fluid and seamless whole. There is Big Mind and overview, and full participation in life. Transdual awareness is fully lived through and integrated in the personality and world.

Pitfall: If not continue to deepen both ends of the transdual/embodiment polarity.

Typically, we go from (a) blind identification to (b) witness, and then to (d) transdual with some glimpses of resting in (c) pure and luminous awareness w/out phenomena now and then – which is used to deepen the transdual embodiment.

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