Openings and Stability


When we open into a higher state, or have glimpses of existence on the next higher level, we often experience it as quite intense. A more inclusive and expansive awareness comes through into a system used to a more limited and exclusive awareness. As we become more comfortable and familiar with the state and/or the new level, our system reorganizes to accomodate the new functioning of awareness. What was extraordinary and mindblowing gradually becomes more ordinary and familiar.


When I had an opening into a fully transdual experience (Big Mind) in my teens, I was completely unprepared. This organism and personality was not equipped to hold it an live it more fully in the world. The personality was not healthy and balanced enough. And it was not at all aligned with transdual views. Although I stayed in this transdual experience for many years, and the personality slowly realigned, it was a very intense experience 24/7. It was an experience of 10,000 volts coming through regular house wiring.

In a traditional spiritual practice, such as found in Buddhism, the personality is prepared to hold and live from such a view – even before it comes through strongly. It is gradually realigned and prepared through glimpses and guidelines (vows etc). When the transdual view emerges more strongly, the personality is already more closely aligned with it, and can more easily live from it and bring it into the world. This is what takes time, not neccesarily opening to the transdual experience.

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