Personal and Transpersonal

Among the many polarities of Existence, the personal-transpersonal polarity seems particularly rich for us.

The personal realm is of the relative, of the small self, of differentiation within systems. This is where we live out our lives as organisms and personalities, where we experience joy, suffering, pain, bliss, compassion, anger, resentment, attraction. This is where we are inevitably wounded, where we deal with triggers, with habitual patterns.

The transpersonal realm is closer to and includes the absolute, it is Big Mind. It is where we experience the ground that all phenomena arise from and dissolve back into. This is an experience of awareness as spacious, independent of transduality and duality but capable of functioning in either way.

Both functioning together allows us to experience ourselves simultaneously as small self and Big Mind. They are distinct from each other, yet with no separation. And there is a fluidity between them, where one can be in the forefront when appropriate, then the other.

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