When I look at the passion in my life, I see that it relates to assisting with a deep transformation – on larger and smaller scales.

Social/Ecological Level
On a large scale, I wish to support a deep cultural/social transformation into a more life-centered/sustaining culture. Mainly using a solution-focused, partnership oriented and integral approach, working with the natural processes in people and nature. I did this through the work with Sustain Dane, and now – on a more limited scale – with the NWEI discussion courses.

Individual Level
On a smaller scale, I wish to assist a deep transformation on an individual level that includes the personal and transpersonal aspects. Breema and the Big Mind process are tools I find useful in this area.

Integral Approach
In both cases, I am attracted to using an integral (inner/outer and small/large scales) and inclusive approach. One where we take serious situations/challenges, look at workable solutions, and work with what is already there and the natural processes in the systems.

And, of course, at the core of this is a personal transformation – in my own relationship to the inner and outer world. This is what fuels and informs my other/outer involvements.

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