Identification & View

Identification and view seem to go togheter, as two sides of the same coin.

  1. I start out – at birth – as space and undifferentiated phenomena. I operate from a nondual view.
  2. I learn to exclusively identify with the small self. I operate from a dualistic view.
  3. I re-awaken to my nature as space. For a while, I may flip back and forth between experiencing myself as space (oneness) and as the small self (differentiation). I shift between nondual and dualistic views.
  4. I integrate both. I am aware of myself as space within which this small self and the rest of the world of phenomena arises. I operate from a transdual view.

More Details

Within this simplified view, there is an unlimited possibility for differentiation.

  1. In the beginning, I am space & the seamless whole of phenomena arising within it. There is no differentiation, just the fluid whole of seer and seen. This is a truly nondual view, and nonfunctional as well. I am helpless, not just from lack of experience but mainly from a view that does not allow for any differentiation.

    Soon, I learn that I can control some parts of this field. I develop a sense of what I can immediately control, and discern between this and the rest of the field. Later, I learn to call this the body. There is no neccesary separation even here, just an emerging sense of differentiation and discernment within the fluid field.

  2. Later, culture and society teaches me to exclusively identify with this body, and to create an identity for myself as a personality – different from any other personality.

    To the extent I disidentify as space & the field arising within, and exclusively identify with this small self, my view functions dualistically. The seamless field is broken up into me and you, this small self and the rest of the world of phenomena. I begin to identify with one end of each polarity, and disidentify with the other end. I create a limited, exclusive and relatively fixed identity for myself. This is a lonely place.

    Even here I experience myself as space. But I may not notice it, or I don’t take it seriously, or I don’t realize the implications of it. It is not a conscious part of my identity. In any case, it is what brings moments of joy, peace, generosity, gratitude, humility, sense of connection and sanity to this existence.

  3. I re-awaken to my nature as space. There may be a gentle and gradual process here where I drop the exclusive identification as the small self and expand my identification to include space. There may also be periods where I exclusively identify as space. Where I can say that I am not this body. I am not this personality. My view shifts between nondual, dualistic and sometimes transdual.
  4. I learn to integrate both. I am space within which this small self and the rest of the world of phenomena arises. I have learned to differentiate and function effectively in the world. And I see all differentiations as within the fluid seamless whole of Existence. I see the changing tapestry and the patterns and threads within it. My view is deepening transdual.

    I am space & all the fluid arising phenomena. There is no separation and there is infinite potential for discernment and differentiation.

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