Don’t Know

For many weeks now, there has been an experience of neutrality. Of course, emotions and other experiences come and go, but within/as this clear neutrality.

When I look, there is a definite sense of don’t know. There is nothing to know, and nobody separate who can know anything. There is only the clarity of what happens in the present.

Attaching to thoughts as if they are the gospel truth, is the only way to have the experience of knowing. But thoughts just come and go as guests. They are mere abstractions, very dull and faint compared to the brilliance of what is – of what arises to and within this human self in the present.

So there is this clear “not knowing”, as what arises in the present.

And yet, when there are words – verbally or written – something does come out, about as coherent or not as before. Even when the words seem relatively clear, it is also clear that they are from a very limited perspective (limited experience, information etc). And they are mere abstractions as well. Faint compared with the brilliance of what is in the present.

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