Awareness & Filter

I took a nap today before a Breema trade, and woke up by the doorbell in the middle of what seemed to be a deep dreamless sleep cycle. For quite a while afterwards, my human self was very groggy although I as awareness was crystal clear.

This was a taste of how the human self, including the nervous system and the brain, act as a filter for awareness. It channels certain sensory impressions to awareness, and filter out many more impressions. It is also prone to all sorts of other filters, such as the chemical changes I assume created the grogginess and the sense of a more precarious relationship (not as clear and immediate as I am used to) with the larger world through my human self.

In my immediate and first person experience, I was crystal clear awareness noticing how this human self does not function as it usually does. From a second or third person view, my human self probably appeared as groggy and not quite clear. Such a big difference.

What an interesting experience: Being crystal clear awareness, and not quite knowing how to use this human self as a vehicle in the world of phenomena.

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