Humans as a speck

If we look at the 13.7 billion years of the Universe Story, we see that humans only show up at the very end – as a little blip at the tip of the tail end of the unfolding story. And in a larger timescale yet, we will most likely see that the human story is a very limited and short chapter in the story of the Universe as a whole.

In a similar way, when we look at the Universe as nested systems, as a holarchy, we see that humans only show up at one particular scale of size. When we look at energy waves, atoms, molecules, tissue, organs, etc. there are no humans to be found. And when we look at the scale of planets, solar systems and galaxies, there are also no humans to be found (although some effects can be detected on the planetary scale).

Both views – showing how limited our human existence is in time and space – is a help for seeing our lives – as individuals and a species – in a larger and more meaningful context.

And for me, it also opens up for a tremendous sense of gratitude, compassion and humility.

Gratitude, for being a part of this amazing and beautiful Universe. Compassion, for the lives of all these little specks – especially when we don’t see our lives in this context. And humility, for being such a small part of such an immensely large whole.

At the same time, it allows me to see how limited I am as a human self, and how precious, miraculous and beautiful our human lives are. And it allows me to find myself as Big Mind as well, as that in which this all unfolds – the history of the Universe, the Earth, of humanity and of this particular human self.

This view allows me to find myself as a precious human being in this amazing Universe, and as Big Mind within which it all unfolds.

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  1. I am currently writing a college essay on this very subject and it excites me that you feel the same humility and gratitude upon realizing how very small in fact humans are in the grand scheme of the Universe. Where do you get all of your information? Do you suggest any readings or anything on this subject?

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