Paths To Deepening Transduality

Some paths I am currently exploring, each opening for deepening transduality…

  • Byron Katie Inquiries
    I identify a thought I believe in, inquire into it, and allow the belief to unravel. This reveals the unborn pure awareness, which is naturally expressed as compassion and intelligence.

  • Big Mind Process
    Exploring voices (perspectives) on personal and transpersonal levels. Through this process, we open for deep appreciation for each voice (subpersonality/perspective), for a more balanced relationship with each (not too identified with, and not pushed away), a direct experience of a fully transdual view (the view of the whole of Existence), and a deepenening fluidity among all these.

  • Deeksha
    Facilitating and fuelling an awakening process. First as Witness, then deepening transdual view.

  • Headlessness
    Simple experiments to find ourselves as headless, and as what is happening.

  • Breema
    Deepening transdual view/being through bodywork.

  • Projections
    Seeing here what I see there. This one is included in the turnarounds in Byron Katie’s process. (This used to be my main practice – seeing in myself what I see in the rest of the world – but it is not so alive now as there is no “I” here…!)

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