Triggered Patterns

During the same trip to Portland, I also noticed how this combination of field & abstractions influence what happens when something is triggered in my human self.

Something is triggered – and there is an experience arising associated with my human self.

Seeing this is just another part of the field, with no inherent information about “me” and “you” and so on, it just arises as anything else. It comes and goes, as a guest. No drama is necessary.

Being caught up in the layer of abstractions of “me” (as my human self) and “the rest of the world”, I find a reason to create a drama out of it. I experience something triggered in my human self, label it and find something “external” as a reason for it. Then I engage in judgment and blame, and may start acting from this confusion, creating even more drama and suffering out of it.

Both are fine. One is out of more clarity, and one out of a particular confusion. One brings enjoyment, the other suffering. And yet, both are beautiful expressions of the fluidity and richness of our human life.

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