What Is – Is That Which We Seek

It seems that many of the same impulses are expressed through delusion and clarity, or more precisely – when we are exclusively identified as a human being and view the world dualistically, and when we awaken as Big Mind and view Existence in a more transdual way.

The list can probably be nearly endless…


When we are exclusively identified as a human being, the selfishness functions in a dualistic way. My circle of care, concern and compassion is exclusive and may be drawn at many different locations. I may place myself, my family, and maybe friends, community and country within the circle, and I may even include more, although there will always be something outside of the circle. It could be political opponents, people from other ethnic groups or religions, future generations, non-human species, etc.

When we awaken as Big Mind and a deepening transdual view, the circle first expands to include all of Existence and then falls away. The whole of Existence is a seamless whole, including and embracing all polarities. Now, self-centeredness takes the form of Existence-centeredness, selfishness takes the form of effortless compassion.

As I withdraw my hand when it is in the fire, I am engaged in the world to alleviate the suffering of others.


Some other examples include…

Anger becomes tough love, energetically cutting through delusion.

Dullness becomes resting as what is, as it is.

Spaced-outness becomes the vast open space of Existence, capacity for the world.

Greed becomes engaged activity on behalf of the well being of others.

Envy becomes rejoicing in the happiness of others.

Dualistic views becomes discerning wisdom.

Pride becomes gratitude for Existence as it is.

Arrogance becomes clear seeing of the wisdom and compassion inherent in Existence, and in this mind.

Passion becomes engagement in the world, and (in intimate relationships) engaged exploration and celebration of the differences among us as human beings.

Joy becomes joy in what is, as it is. (It goes from conditioned to unconditioned.)

Comfort becomes comfort in what is, as it is.

Deceit becomes skillful means. Any description is by its nature a lie (words split up the world, and Existence is beyond and including all polarities). Any tool or practice for awakening is in an absolute sense a detour as it aims to get us “somewhere” when there is nowhere to go. Still, words and practices are important, it is a helpful deceit – skillful means.

Recistance becomes active engagement. In a dualistic view we resist what is as an object resisting another object. In a transdual view, we engage with it as space engaging in an object (or not, depending on the situation).

And so on…

Inherent and transformed

The point is that when we awaken as Big Mind – it is all revealed as that which already is. We see that we already are and have that which we previously tried to find somewhere else or manufacture.

We see how each of these qualities and characteristics, many of which we try to get rid of while being exclusively identified as a human self, now transform into that which we have been seeking when we awaken as Big Mind and a more transdual view. They are transformed in their expression. And in both cases, they arise effortlessly – as our nature.

Of course, it takes time to explore how to live it and bring it into our daily life more fully.

In the beginning, there is in often a good deal of oscillation and old habits coming up. There may be oscillation in view, and even if the view is stable as Big Mind, the way it comes out in our human lives may still be influenced by habits formed from the exclusive small self view.

And after a while, the qualities emerging from a Big Mind context are lived more clearly and effortlessly.

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