Ghosts Of Habits Past

When we are exclusively identified as a human being, we create a great deal of drama for ourselves. We find ourselves in struggle with Existence, at all levels – within our psyche, with our body, with the rest of the world, with Existence as a whole. And many habitual patterns are formed in the midst of this struggle.

When we awaken from this, first as pure awareness and then to “no I”, we are released from blindly engaging in these patterns. They come and go as guests, and there is no “hook” there anymore. They arise as ghosts from past habits.

Even in this, there are most likely times when we temporarily do hook into these patterns, more from old habit than anything else. And the discomfort from this is a reminder of it not being necessary anymore.

In some cases, this continuous noticing and letting go may be ongoing for a while. In other cases, there may be less of it.

All we need is to notice that there is really no hook.

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