Big Mind

After some weeks of hibernation, I am getting more into doing Big Mind and Breema sessions with folks again. It feels great, both the cycles of engagement and rest from it, and now getting back into each of them.

I facilitated a Big Mind session tonight with a friend, and found a great deal of enjoyment in doing it. It comes from seeing the process unfold. From noticing how intuition becomes more alive in the facilitation process. And from realizing how the other is a mirror of what is going on in myself. When I facilitate, I have one foot in the facilitator role and one foot in the voice and exploration process we both are going through simultaneously.

Tonight, it was also very clear how voices and processes seem universal and just part of being human when there is some clarity and familiarity with it. And how it seems intensely personal when there is still stuckness there. For me, everything that came up for my friend seemed just human and universal. But for him, it seemed very personal and private.

And this is quite typical when people first explore some of the basic voices. It seems to change over time as we get more familiar with them, as they play themselves out in ourselves and others. The more familiarity with them, the more universally human they appear – and also completely personal of course, with a personal and unique flavor in each case.

I also see the stuckness we all have, in being too closely identified with some voices and in disowning other voices, and how this prevents the natural fluidity between all the many voices on personal and transcendent levels. This fluidity which is held back when there is resistance (through holding onto some and pushing others away), and which is more free when the resistance is reduced and falls away.

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