God Exploring Itself In Its Fullness

Perfection and its opposites

If God is the largest whole, beyond and including all polarities, it is also – by definition – perfect and complete. And for God to explore itself more in the fullness of what it can be, it has to explore itself as all this is not. As incomplete, imperfect, finite, limited, other, split, alienated, fragmented, fallible, broken, failed, deluded, as relationship, connection, lack of connection, as the whole world of duality and polarities, and as that which comes out of identifying with a segment of what is.

From this view, it is all a wonderful play which temporarily appears so real, so true, so painful – and must be so for full effect. If the audience laughs at the lack of authenticity of the movie, it has little impact.

Temporary limited identification

When there is a temporary identification with a segment of all of this, it has to be taken as real, seriously, as a matter of life and death. This adds to the richness of it all. It allows the splits and their consequences to be fully experienced, in all its joys and sorrows, happiness and misery. It allows what is to go fully into the drama of it, in its highs and lows and all its intricacies.

All this is an exploration of how it all appears when there is an apparent “I” as a segment of what is, and the drama and struggle which follows.

Awakening to the play

When what is awakens to this – and from its temporary identification with a segment of all of this, it can go fully into it in a different way. Now, the resistance drops away. The content of consciousness is realized as no different from consciousness itself.

It realizes itself as being it all, as it unfolds, and is still fully engaged in the world through and as a human being. This is another layer of richness, another way for what is to explore itself.

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