Compassion & Five Elements

After my acupuncturist woes, I went to another five element practitioner today – and it was very helpful. We have a nice connection and the treatment definitely works, this time as a deep, gentle current moving in me.

Deepening compassion

We talked about my overall pattern of several years of awakening, passion, and energy, and then some years of the opposite – going high up and then far down. And how, especially for us fire types, that is one way we can deepen and mature into our compassion.

I did have compassion at that time as well, even more than now in some ways, but it was a form of universal love. Big Heart was very much alive in me, as a steady current. At my human level, I could not get a good grasp on why people just could “get it”, awaken, find the same passion and clarity as I had, and so on. It was so easy for me, so why not for them? I could clearly see the discrepancy here, and that something needed to happen for this compassion to mature and become more ordinarily human.

And the following “fall” was exactly what invited me into this deepening compassion, now including more my human level. I know from own experience now how impossible is seems to “get over it”, or pull myself out of it, or just connect with the passion, and so on – when it is not there. I know how completely miserable it is, from lived experience, so can now also connect with others at that level more easily. The compassion has become more humanized to some extent, and can continue to humanize, deepen and mature – as time goes by.


Having tried these three Five Element acupuncture practitioners over this last year, I also see the different styles and approaches to acupuncture, and how it impacts me as a client.

The initial one was clearly brilliant, and the treatments made me feel better than I have for many years. I became connected with myself at a deep level. But she also had some quirks, such as not connecting very well in an authentic and sincere way and so on. Her diagnosis and technique was obviously first rate, so it was still more than worth it and a great blessing in my life.

The second one, who I tried for only four times, used a very mechanical and impersonal approach, which did not work very well for me. I did not experience much or any effect from the treatments. Maybe partly from the technique, and partly from his disengagement in the whole process. It seems that it helps if the practitioner is able to connect at a deep level with the client as well as the changes of the chi during the session.

The third one, who I went to today, was again different from these two. She is about my age and has a very similar view and background as myself. This means that she is relatively inexperienced in terms of years, but also is very sensitive to the energies and also places the responsibility back on my side – which is what I am looking for. And the treatment certainly worked, moving the energy in a smooth, gentle deep way – still very noticeable.

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