Guidance System

Of all the practices I have explored, it seems that the Byron Katie inquiries have one of the most accurate inherent guidance systems: stress indicating beliefs, then examined through inquiry.

Whenever there is stress, we know that it comes from the belief in a stress-producing thought, which we can then take to inquiry. In this process, we peel off layers upon layers of beliefs, revealing our nature of clarity, wisdom, compassion, effortless effective functioning in the world and selflessness.

In areas where we are still not aligned with what is, there will be stress, helping us to identify another belief and take it to inquiry.

It is a beautiful process, and one that is largely self-directed. It seems that it can take us all the way, through its own guidance system of stress indicating remaining beliefs.

And the inherent joyfulness of the process does not make it all that difficult either. As we inquire into one belief after another, we gain confidence and trust in the truth of our immediate experience and the liberation that comes from seeing our own truth more clearly.

We also gain trust in the ability of the process to self-correct. If we left something out, or went to an idea rather than our immediate experience, life will let us know. If something is left to be seen, stress comes up as a faithful guide pointing the way to yet another belief, waiting to be seen through.

Life is always inviting us to see what is really true for us, in our own immediate experience, and the BK inquiry is a beautifully simple and elegant way to more actively engage in this process.

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