Dream: old man returning

I return to a place where I used to live. It is rural and beautiful, and I go for a hike through the landscape. It is partly savanna, and partly deciduous forest. I then climb up a steep area which turns out to be a free climbing practice area. As I am about to pull myself up the last foot, a woman below calls out to me. I realize that I am 138 (?) years old, and she takes me to my old house and to meet a woman who is my god-daughter. She is now 84 and the only one still alive of the ones I used to know. Still, they all know who I am and I am warmly welcomed by everyone. I have lived a long, rich life, and feel as young as ever in spite of my age.

As the dream continues, I am young again. The strongest experience in the dream was the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of connection with the people – even if they didn’t know me personally, and a sense of having lived a long and rich life. This dream has the same quality of a wide embrace as some other recent ones.

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