Other senses changing also

I am noticing that other senses are changing also, in particular a velvety smooth, round, full, clear tactile sensation. This shift happened at about the same time as with the experience of air and taste of water (on Saturday/Sunday), but as with those two, I initially dismissed it as something different with the weather/water itself.

I first noticed it on Sunday when I walked out of the car to drop off a DVD at Flicks’n Picks… a velvety smooth sensation, round, full… shifting from warm to cool, and really both at once. I remember I mentioned to my partner how different and pleasant the air felt both when breathing and also on the skin, and that I seemed to move through several pockets of warmer and cooler air over just a few feet. It wasn’t until last night that I made the connection between this and the changes in smell and taste.

There is a sweetness in it, and a sense of nurturing (even at a physical level), which reminds me of what can be described as nectar… It is very noticeable in the experience of the air and water, and the sensation on the skin has the same quality as well.

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