Dream: toppling the ruling system

I live in a society where the ruling system is very pleasant and works well on the surface, but there are strands of corruption running through it. Something is hidden, and they want it to remain hidden. I am with a small group set to expose and topple this system. In the beginning, I am relatively passive, but then take on a more active and engaged role and become one of the leaders. I may also be the only one with conclusive evidence for the corruption, and this evidence will be the catalyst for a deep shift.

Over the last few days, I have seen more clearly the thread of suffering running through my life. Things are fine on the surface, yet there is still this faint thread of suffering running through it. And I have habitually escaped from it, even in apparently subtle ways. Now, after seeing this more clearly, there is a willingness to more wholeheartedly be with this thread of suffering, as it is, to fully allow it, and see, feel and love it. It has been there long enough, so why not.

Although it is a relatively subtle shift, it may also be a significant one. And this dream may be telling me just that: it may shift the whole ruling system.

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