Inquiry: It’s too predictable

It’s too predictable.

  1. True?
    Yes. Feels that way. My stories tells me it is. Sometimes.
  2. Sure?
    No. Only an opinion.
  3. What happens when I believe that thought?
    • I go into judgment. Stories saying it is too predictable, why, and why that is not good or what I want.
    • I go into a victim role, being the victim of something too predictable, whether it is a conversations, opinions, identities, movies, theater plays, music, art, science, philosophy, psychology.
    • I look for more to include into the “too predictable” category, even when it isn’t really that predictable to me.
    • When I notice this pattern, I see how there is a reactiveness behind it, which makes me uneasy even as I am caught up in it. (There is an emotional reactiveness, as well as identification with a particular view and identity.)
    • I experience a sense of separation with others, myself and life. (Sometimes the sense of separation may be triggered by another belief, and this belief is then added to make me “right”.)
    • When did I first have that thought? Probably in my teens when I started taking pride in going beyond the conventional, even in smaller areas. I created an identity as someone going beyond, or at least being on the outside of, the conventional, the predictable.
    • What am I not able to appreciate when I have that belief? What is. Life as it shows up. The conversation, view, opinion or whatever it may be.
  4. Who would I be without that thought?
    • Sense of space, expansion, from the one-sided view. A shift from a sense of separation to “we”.
    • Able to appreciate what is. Receptive to what is there that is not predictable to me.
  5. Turnarounds.
    • It’s not too predictable.
      • What is too predictable is just an opinion. Too predictable for what? The same is the case with predictable itself, it depends on an arbitrary standard. (Which for me shifts with the situation, mood and so on.)
      • There is always something that is not predictable in there, for me. Something surprises me, goes beyond what I expected and know.
      • There is always someone it is not too predictable for, in a conventional sense. It is always new to someone, so I can appreciate that.
    • I am too predictable.
      • Yes, too predictable to myself, in many ways. I know the patterns that come up, including this one. When I feel/think something is too predictable, I am too predictable to myself. Why not surprise myself by shifting out of it, even to some extent?
    • I am not too predictable.
      • Well, whatever happens here happens. It is not too predictable to not happen!
      • There is always something that is not predictable to me happening with me. Something different.
    • My thinking is too predictable.
      • True. It goes in predictable patterns, especially when believed in.
    • My thinking is not too predictable.
      • When I explore what happens around thoughts, whether believed in or not, there is always something new to discover there. If I am receptive to it, and take the time to look.

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