What our human self really wants, and awakeness noticing itself

There is an inherent alignment between what our human self really wants, and awakeness noticing itself.

When I explore what I really want, I find that no matter what it looks like on the surface, it has to do with a sense of connection, intimacy, fullness, richness, exploration, discovery, release, freedom. And that is exactly what noticing ourselves as what we already are opens up for. We see that it was never not here, and also allows it into our human life in more of its fullness.

Of course, not all parts of us know that. Any belief, any attachment to a story, leads in a different direction.

And that too is what we really want, both as our human self, and as awakeness. Awakeness already allows all of this. It brings it out of itself. It happens within, to and as awakeness itself.

What we really want as this human self is to stay within the exiting, interesting, fascinating, beautiful, boring, commonplace, ugly world of drama. And what we really want as this human self, is for what we are to awaken, so there is a sense of intimacy, richness and release far beyond what this human self has known before.

And what we want as awakeness is exactly what is, drawn from ourselves, happening within, to and as awakeness.

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