Allowing and shifts

Experiences usually appear one way when resisted, even subtly, and is revealed as something else when fully allowed.

In the first case, there is some discomfort, even if the experience is desirable to our human self. And in the second case, there is not.

As we begin to discover and explore this, there is a tendency to want the shift, to use allowing as a way to make the experience shift out of discomfort. But this is just another way of identifying with resistance. In wanting a shift, I am caught up in resistance to the experience.

(There may still be a shift, even if we are identified to some extent with resistance, but it is not full, so there will be some dissatisfaction there, and this is the feedback needed to discover a more full release.)

After a while, we may learn to more fully allowing the content of experience, as it is, including resistance and resisted, as if it would never change. In this way, identification with content is more fully released.

And as part of this, we begin to see, feel and love experience as it is, independent of its content. There is a taste of the equality of all experience. It is all just content of awareness, and it is all awakeness itself. It is awakeness forming itself into its own content.

As this happens, there is a shift into fully allowing experience because it is awakeness itself. There is no need for it to change.

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