A closer look at meaning

This follows from the previous post…

  • Any sense of meaning happens within content of experience, within the world of form.
    • It is a guest, as anything else within content of experience. It lives its own life, coming and going on its own schedule.
  • Any sense of meaning comes from a story.
    • The basic story is that of an I with an Other, and this gives rise to the dynamic of experiencing meaning in (a) supporting and enhancing this separate I and those within its circle of us, and (b) for this separate I to find a sense of connection with itself and the wider world.
    • More generally, whenever I believe a story, there is a sense of meaning when I work at reducing the gap between my stories of what is and what should be.
  • What I really am, is always and already free from any meaning-inducing story and any sense of meaning.
    • I can explore this in several different ways, for instance through the sense fields. How does this sense of meaning, and the meaning-inducing story, appear in the sense fields? Where do I find it?
    • What I am, that which content of experience happens within, to and as, is free from meaning, yet fully allow any sense of meaning.
  • Any story is a guide for our human self for functioning in the world, and – possibly – noticing what it really is.
    • It gives a sense of direction and purpose.
    • It guides action in the world, or inquiry into what we really are.
  • Any meaning-inducing story is more or less appropriate to our human self and its situation.
    • First, does it actually give rise to a sense of meaning? Does it work?
    • And then, what practical consequences does it have for our human self, in the world and in its exploration to discover what it really is? Does it seem helpful?

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