Allowing as an open secret

Here is one of those “open secrets” which I notice through the day, and which any number of practices – and life itself – invites me to notice.

Whenever I allow an experience – independent of its content – it invites in healing and maturing, and also makes it easier to notice what I am.

And whenever I resist experience – independent of its content – it invites in the opposite. Wounding. Immaturity. A deepening sense of I-Other split.

It is really just Life 101, and something we all know somewhere, but also a remarkable practice when it is made more conscious. And it is also something that seems to happen only when all content of experience is allowed, whatever it is, including resistance itself.

Btw: The only book I am aware of that is only and explicitly about this is Unconditional Bliss by Raphael Cushnir, which is simple, uses everyday language, comes from alive experience, and offers a very simple tool. Whenever I notice resistance to experience (stress, tension, sense of discomfort, separation, something to protect), I can ask myself can I be with what I am experiencing right now?

A wide range of other practices also invites in this shift, such as Shikantaza (just sitting), exploring the sense fields, body-oriented practices such as Breema, and also life itself. Throughout the day, I inevitably shift between allowing and getting caught up in resisting experience, and can notice the effects of each if I bring attention to it.


  • allowing/being with experience: healing, maturing, easier to notice what I am
  • resistance to experience: wounds, immaturity, sense of split

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