Reverse synchronicity

When synchronicities happen, they invite in a few questions.

First some general questions: Even if objects appear separate, are they really? And what are “objects” in the first place? Are there objects? How do they appear in the sense fields? Also, how does meaning appear? How does a mental field overlay create a sense of meaning?

And then a few questions about its content: Is there some significance to the particular content of this synchronicity? What is the meaning for me in it? Does it point to something I would benefit from paying more attention to?

Most of the time, it seems that synchronicities are aligned. What happens here – a situation, thought, dream, conversation, activity – is aligned with the meaningful and acausal coinsidence out there, whatever it may be – a song on the radio, an ad on a bus, a phone call.

For instance, one day in my late teens, I was on the light rail in Oslo while reading Jung’s book on synchronicities. He recounted how fish appeared throughout his day as he was writing about fish symbolism, in his client’s dreams, the dinner his wife made and so on. I looked up as a man sat down on across from me, placing a plastic bag on the empty seat directly opposite to me. It’s front faced me, and it had a large image of two fish nose-to-tail in a circle. It was a fish market bag. 

But synchronicities can also be reversed. What happens out there may be reversed from what happens here. I experienced this during a dinner with my wife this weekend. As she said something about me being “understated”, there was a loud crash in the room. A waitress had dropped a glass and it shattered on the floor close to our table. I was curious about it for a while. In what way is the crash a meaningful response to describing me as “understated”?

I found it as an invitation to bring in the other end of the polarity. I am quite familiar and comfortable with being understated, in many situations, but can benefit from sometimes bringing in the other end of the polarity and be more free in relation to both ways of being in the world. And the crash helped remind me of that, in a way that was difficult to overlook.

Of course, we can see synchronicities as saying something about the world in general. The world of form is one seamless flow, expressed in what we may perceive as separate situations and objects.

More importantly, synchronicities have meaning for us. We are the ones who notice – and interpret – something as a synchronicity. And our attention is drawn to its content for a reason. Our mind is looking for something to project something onto, and this is a good candidate. It is meaningful for us, and that is its value and meaning. It helps us explore our life in a slightly different way.

And synchronicities are just one way this happens. The same invitation may come up in dreams (dreaming that I am more bold, visible and out there in the world), life (finding myself in a situation where that is required of me), attractions (being attracted to or fascinated by someone having those qualities), aversion (aversion towards people who are onesided in that polarity), beliefs (stress helping me find and explore my beliefs around it), and much more.


Initial draft…

I am pretty used to synchronicities, but don’t always experience the reverse ones. Here is one from Saturday.

When my wife mentioned that I was “understated”, there was a loud crash not far from our restaurant table. A waitress had dropped a glass which shattered on the floor. It was a classic synchronicity, but why was it reverse? Why a loud crash when she said the word “understated”?

It may not be much of a mystery. I am quite familiar with the understated end of the spectrum, but not so familiar with the other end. It is something I can benefit from bringing more into my life, and feel more free in living from either end of the polarity.

In general, synchronicities reminds me that all form appears as a seamless flow, independent of any overlay of labels such as me and the wider world, inner and outer, and so on. Also, they bring attention to certain dynamics in my life, including – in this case – when I am stuck in one end of a polarity and would benefit from bringing the other end more into my life.

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