Sometimes, synchronicities draw attention to their content.

And other times, their content may not seem so significant.

For instance, I may be out walking and a quietly insistent image of meeting a friend comes up. A few minutes later, I meet that person.

Or an image of an unusual scarf I saw last year on a stranger comes up the same way, I find the same (type of) scarf one or two days later in a second hand store, and buy it.

In these cases, what remains are questions…

Is it true that the world is made up of separate objects?

If not, what are some possibilities? Is there is one movement within existence, expressed through what appears  as local changes in separate things? (As the mystics say.)

If so, what does it mean for me and how I live my life?



Or I learn that a friend of mine acted in a movie some years back, and then remember a dream I had where he told me he had acted in a movie, and all the details about the two movies match.

Or I dream about accidents happening to someone close to me, and one or two days later it happens in that way.

Or I write a talk about eco-spirituality, turn on NPR and hear an interview with someone talking about the same topic using the same words. (In that case, Connie Barlow.)

Initial outline…

  • synchronicities
    • sometimes, draw attention to particular content
    • always, questions
      • the world really separate?
      • one movement within existence, expressed through what we may take as separate things?

Initial draft, dec. 30 2008…

Smaller, everyday synchronicities keep happening.

I was reminded of a scarf I saw last winter, worn by a stranger at a train station. A few days later, I found the same (quite unusual) scarf in a second hand store and bought it.

I listened to the refrain of ain’t easy to find with my headphones, and my wife says I can’t find it!

As I walked downtown today, a vivid image came up of encountering a friend of mine on the street. Half an hour later, I encounter him. (This is someone who lives outside of town and I haven’t run into that way before.)

With these types of synchronicites, it seems that their particular content is not so important. They seem more as pointers. A question… is the world really made up of isolated objects as it sometimes seems?

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