Making it easy and fun to do what is right

The way ahead: making it easy and fun to do what is right. Now it just needs to be applied to economics, energy, transportation etc.

And that is no joke.

If we are to survive and thrive, we need to organize our society so that what supports the health and well-being of the social and ecological whole, is also what is easy and fun to do. And that is very possible if we (a) want it and (b) think about it a little differently. We already have the technology and insight necessary.

When – or if – this change happens, it will seem so obvious and natural that we will wonder why it wasn’t done before.

Not surprisingly, this waste can is from Sweden where they are already implementing that philosophy in many areas of life.

A translation for those challenged when it comes to Scandinavian languages:

The World’s deepest waste can –

Can we get people to throw waste in the waste can by making it more fun?

In one day, 72 kilos of waste was left in our waste can.

That is 42 kilos more than in the regular can nearby.

Enjoyment can apparently change behavior.

We call it the theory-of-fun.

One thought to “Making it easy and fun to do what is right”

  1. Awesome. Wholeheartedly agreed. I’ve often thought we need real ingenuity. Seems like we could hold this as our intention when visioning…how can it be fun, easy AND environmentally friendly? For making this possible, I would add (c) take action/invest. I find that I often do a and b, but don’t take the next step!

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