Allow, change, notice

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When I explore, I can allow, change or notice, and those three are really facets of the same. Only the emphasis is slightly different.

I allow experience, and notice what happens. There may be a shift from being identified with resistance, to identification with that which (already) allows all experience as is it, including the resistance and identification with various images w/in content of experience. In allowing experience as is, there can also be a shift out of identification with a doer, and a noticing of this doer as an image of a doer causing thinking, decisions, shifts in attention, and action to happen.

I can change something. For instance, I can invite in a shift from resisting to allowing experience. And notice that is really just a shift of identification, of what I temporarily take myself to be. As first-aid, I sometimes visualize stuck energy going down my legs and into the center of the earth and invite a shift that way. I may inquire into  belief to find what is more honest for me than the belief, and allow time for it to sink in, to feel it and who I am without the belief, and allow it to sink in. This doing is a thought, a choice, a shift of attention, perhaps an action in the world, a story of how these go together and one leads to another, and perhaps identification with the doing – as a doer, or just noticing that the doer is a story and an image, happening within content of experience.

I can notice what is already here. I can notice shifts. What happens when I take a story as true. What happens when I find what is more honest for me. What is happening within each sense field, and how overlays of images tie them together and create gestalts. What happens when I take myself to be something within (an imagined boundary within) content of experience, and what happens when I notice myself as that which already allows all content of experience, and its play in the form of this field of experience.

As indicated above, sometimes identification with doing (allowing, changing, noticing) invites in a shift, a softening or release of identification out of a sense of doer. The doer is revealed to be just an image of a doer, and images of how it causes thinking, choices, shifts of attention and action to happen. And all of that is noticed as happening on its own, living its own life. Even the temporary identification as a doer, the release of identification out of it, and perhaps a re-identification with the doer, happens on its own. It lives its own life, on its own schedule.



  • yin, yang, notice
    • three facets
      • allow – allow experience as is (yin, some yang in monitoring, shifting into allowing)
      • change – actively change something (yang, some yin in monitoring/noticing)
      • notice – notice what is (yin + yang)
    • allow
    • change
    • notice

– in a new context, it is revealed as something different

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