Life has very high standards, and no standards at all

Life has very high standards. The slighest slip into a belief, and there is tension and discomfort.

And life has no standards at all. Anything goes. It is all wide open. If something is possible, God will try it.

The final sentence here may be that life has impossibly high standards. The “I” aims at aligning itself more with truth and love, and it may work for quite a while. But it cannot do the last bit. Only grace can.


  • life has very high standards, and no standards at all
    • very high
      • any belief, then tension and discomfort
      • any straying from following authentic will, or the heart, quiet voice, what is true for me (aka caught up in belief), then a sense of something being off (tension, discomfort)
    • none at all
      • all is OK
      • all is the play of the infinite
    • impossibly high
      • esp. remaining sense of I, need grace


  • life has very high standards, and none at all
    • high
      • tension, discomfort – as soon as out of alignment – as who i am in the world, and what i am
      • caught up in beliefs / not following heart, small voice, truth etc.
    • no standards at all
      • all ok, wide open
      • if something is possible, god’s gonna try it

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