Adyashanti: Whatever you want, be it

A fuzzy recording with a great punchline: Whatever you want, be it.

Notice you are it already. Feel it. See it. Allow it to sink in.

It is very simple.

It is good to keep it simple. And yet, this is also a rich field for more detailed exploration.

What do I want? What is my surface want? What do I hope to get out of that? And what do I hope to get out of that? What are my more basic and essential wants?

Is it true it is not already here? Can I find it in myself? Can I find examples of it in my life? Can I find it here now?

And is it true it is happening “to me”? Is it there happening to a me here? Or is it what I am?

So I can clarify my wants. Notice it is here already. And notice I am it already.

This is a built-in aspect of the Big Mind process since it allows us to shift into being whatever it may be we want – love, peace, contentment, non-seeking, wisdom, connection, soulfulness. (And also what we don’t want, the shadow of our conscious identity.) We get to experience how it is to be it, and can then find ourselves as it, as already it.

Note: The next step is to be whatever is here, what our personality wants and doesn’t want.

Synchronicity: I re-read the beginning of the chapter on the Dark Night in Evelyn Underhill’s Mysticism just after writing this, where she says:

Now, it has got to be reality: a very different thing.


Whatever you want, be it. Notice you are it already.

Two phases: (a) Notice it is here already. (b) Notice I am it already.

The Big Mind process is a good help here, finding and noticing ourselves as it.

It may be temporary and changing, at least in how we experience it, but we are still it. We are the waves as much as the ocean. It is the same.


It may be fleeting, it may be content of experience – which always comes and goes – and yet, when it’s here it’s what I am.



Whatever is here, be it.

Pain. Joy. Sadness. Love. Gratitude. Grief. Empathy. Contentment.

When there is a sense of it happening to someone, there is separation. And with that sense of separation, a slight holding onto it or pushing it away.

When there is a recognition that I am it already, there is ease.

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