Dream: Friends with Clint and Dale

I am friends with Clint Eastwood and Dale Dye. It feels natural and easy and I don’t think much about it, until later when I realize I should ask for Clint’s autograph.

Both have a warrior energy combined with humanity and the natural authority that comes with age and experience. I had that warrior energy surfacing yesterday when it turned out that our renter at the house in Oregon downloads and shares movies illegally through our shared wireless connection, we got a letter from a lawyer giving us the option of paying $2,900 or be taken to court, and our renter flatly denies having done it. We hired our own lawyer and will first try to get them to drop the case.

In the dream, when I remembered that Clint was famous and I should ask for his autograph, something felt a bit off. Our connection felt more natural and easy before, and something else came in through this. It may have come in because I was in the process of waking up, and also – it is a reminder of what happens when I become self-conscious about myself or my connection with another person. Something else comes in, and it feels slightly off.

Day residue: Well, this is not really from the day before, but more the weeks before the dream. I have sent a photograph to Clint Eastwood to have it autographed (!), and watched the actor boot-camp video dairy from Band of Brothers where Dale Dye is prominently featured.

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