Mini-inquiry: They should listen to advice

They should listen to advice.

They should listen to advice from the locals, the ones who know the area and the weather.

The four foreigners who died in the mountains in Norway after ignoring several locals telling them to turn around.

(They headed into a snow storm when they could have stayed in a warm cabin with plenty of food.)

Is it true?

Yes. It feels true.

Sure it is true?

No. It’s a thought only. An opinion.

What happens when I believe that story?

I feel I know, they don’t. (Or didn’t.)

Who would I be without it?

Empathy. Interested in ways to prevent this in the future.

Curious about how and when I do the same, and what I can learn from others who have more experience.


They shouldn’t listen to advice.

Hm. In their minds, they obviously felt that way. They thought they could deal with it.

It may help prevent similar events in the future.

People die. This is just one of many ways it happens.

I should listen to advice.

Yes. I should listen to my inner guidance/knowing.

(There is especially one area that is difficult now, and I get the consequences.)

I should listen to Adya, who told me the importance of listening to that inner knowing.

(In terms of that same specific situation.)

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