Even keel through shifts

I notice shifts between three different states.

The first is into wounds, beliefs and hangups. A belief surfaces to be seen, felt, loved.

Another is into what I am, into Big mind. The veils are thinner. It’s easier for what I am to notice itself.

And yet another is a release from either, just ordinary life.

Each of these is an invitation to see, feel and find appreciation for what’s here. An invitation to befriend experience and stories, notice I am what happens and inquire into stories.

These shifts are also an invitation to find a more even keel throughout states, and one way to do that is to befriend experience and inquire into stories – especially those saying something is not OK.

And these shifts is an invitation to notice what I am throughout states. Content of experience changes – what is it that does not change?

Note: Some questions to help me notice what I am: What appears the most as an “I”? How does this appear in each sense field? How does it appear in sensations? How does it appear in the mental field, as images? Is that what I am? Am I within content of experience, or is content of experience within me? If I find I am awareness, is that it? What happens awareness within and as? What’s capacity for it all? Is that what I am?

Following what we are noticing itself, for a period and perhaps with some veils left, it seems that these shifts are very common. It’s life weaving itself together – the divine and human. Whatever in me is not aligned with reality – the wounds, beliefs and knots – surface so they can be seen, felt and loved, and align with reality. These parts of me believe reality is different than it is, so these parts need clarity too.

It may seem that something “goes wrong” when the awakening fades, is covered up, when there is identification with images and stories again. But nothing is wrong. It’s just life weaving together the divine and human, what’s already clear and what still can be more clear. It’s life inviting wounds, beliefs and knots to be seen, felt and loved.

Seen – recognized, acknowledged, and inquired into. What’s the belief? Is it true?

Felt – allowed as it is, welcomed, “go inside” of it, notice I already am it. Each of these are slightly different questions. How would it be to welcome the experience? What happens if I “go inside” of the experience? What happens if I notice I already am the experience? And this in turn is an invitation to notice and inquire into beliefs. Is it true this experience is not OK?

Loved – through recognizing it’s innocence. It comes from temporary confusion. It’s an expression of life and existence.

The more resistance there is to this process, the more uncomfortable – and perhaps drawn out? – it will be.


  • shifts
    • three states
      • (a) into wounds, beliefs etc. – invitation to befriend experience and the story
      • (b) into what I am, Big Mind – invitation for what I am to notice itself
      • (c) release of either, just ordinary life
    • each
      • an invitation for befriending experience + stories (notice I am what happens, inquire into stories)
      • an invitation to find a more even keel throughout states
      • an invitation to notice what I am throughout states
    • …..

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