Variations on allowing experience


Variations on the theme of allowing experience…..

I can watch or observe experience.

I can be with it, allow it.

I can meet, welcome or embrace experience.

I can notice it’s already in awareness, it’s already allowed.

And I can be it, notice I am already it.

– o –

What’s happening

When I watch, there is a slight sense of separation and this can make it easier. What’s experienced is slightly removed. Watching – identification with what’s watching – is a slight transcendence of what’s being watched.

When I am with or allow experience, there is still a slight sense of separation. There is an I here being with or allowing experience. There is identification with whatever is with or allows experience. Again, this slight sense of separation can make it a little easier. It’s a stepping stone.

When I meet, welcome or embrace experience, there is a slight leaning into the experience. If I tend to avoid experience, this can be a valuable antidote.

All of these can be a stepping stone to noticing experience is already in awareness, it’s already allowed. This is a shift closer to reality, even if there may still a slight sense of separation between that which notices and what’s noticed. There may be identification as what notices.

And that can be a stepping stone to noticing I already am the field of experience. If watching is more in the direction of transcendence, then this is immanence.

– o –


What happens when I watch this experience?

Can I be with what I am experiencing right now? Is it true I cannot be with it?

Can I welcome it?

Is it true it’s not already in awareness? Is it true it’s not already allowed?

Is it true I am not already the field of experience?

It’s often easier to shift into each of these variations through questions.

Stepping stones

As mentioned above, these are stepping stones.

Watching, allowing and welcoming experience is a stepping stone to noticing it’s already in awareness, allowed and welcomed.

And that’s a stepping stone into noticing I already am the field of experience. I am what’s happening – the field of awareness in it’s play as form.

And that includes resistance or struggle with experience, mental gymnastics trying to deal with it or resolve it, and the appearance of an “I” doing it all.

– o –

Anchoring attention

It’s also helpful to anchor attention in sensations when strong/difficult emotions or experiences come up. It helps staying with what’s happening without getting caught up in stories or escape.

For some, it may be helpful to bring attention to the breath. I find it’s helpful to place my hand on my heart and bring attention there. It helps me open my heart to what’s happening.

– o –

Surfacing to be seen, felt, loved

What surfaces wants to be seen, felt and loved.

It’s often something that wasn’t quite resolved when it happened initially, so it surfaces to be resolved now.

So in addition to allowing experience, it can be helpful with inquiry into stories I take as true. Some of these beliefs makes it difficult for me to allow experience (something terrible will happens if I allow it), and some creates and fuels the fear and emotions it’s difficult to allow (something is wrong, something terrible has happened/will happen).

And it can be helpful to support the body in releasing the stores tension and trauma, through TRE or other approaches.

– o –


  • flavors
    • watch, observe (transcendence)
    • be with, allow
    • meet, welcome, embrace (lean into slightly)
    • notice is already allowed (reality)
    • be it, notice already am it (immanence)

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