Embracing what’s disowned in the field

Here is one of the explorations I am called to these days:

I notice the field of experience.

Is there anything there is resistance to?

Is there anything in the field of experience there is a slight “no” to?

How is it to consciously include this? Embrace it? Meet it with a yes?

How is it to open my heart to it?

What happens?

– o –

Is it true it is not already allowed?

Is it true there isn’t already a yes?

Is it true it isn’t already included in love?

What happens when I notice?

– o –

Is it true I am not already it?

What happens when I notice this?

– o –

Some examples:

I notice some jitteriness in my chest.

There is a relaxation and sense of relief when it is met with a yes, allowed, welcomed, when I open my heart to it.

A release into neutrality when I see it’s already allowed.

And a sense of fullness and softening/release of separation when I notice I already am it.

I notice a sense of fuzziness one or two feet outside the body, especially around the head. I associate it with stored/unreleased frozen pattern from childhood/teens (as in fight, fight, freeze).

As I welcome it, it stabilizes and seem more grounded.

When I see it’s already allowed, there is a sense of ease.

When I see I am it already, there is a release of separation.


  • embracing what’s disowned in the field
    • the field of experience
    • notice if there is resistance to anything here now
    • then embrace it, notice I am already it
    • notice shifts
    • …….

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