Dream: End of one phase, beginning of another

A map shows two terrains, and a voice says that I am at the end of a long, confusing and overwhelming phase, and at the beginning of the fourth which has to do with living from integrity. Then it says that the size of the previous one was a thousand by a thousand, while the next one is a hundred by a hundred.

It’s a parchment map showing the two worlds in proportion to each other. The phase that ended was the third, and the coming is the fourth. I imagine that the first was my childhood and teens prior to the initial awakening. The second was life within the initial awakening, mostly within unity. The third was a heavy and confusing phase of the dark night. And the fourth – as I sensed for a while, may have to do with integrity, living from integrity. And that too will have it’s challenges.

Update: It’s now a couple of months later, and the dream did mark a clear shift. Prior to the dream, I had for some time danced with a bottomless pit of despair – either fallen into it or stood wobbling at the edge. After the dream, something lifted. Many of the same old/unresolved beliefs and emotions still surface, and there is still a sense of dissolving, but it’s a bit different.

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