Exploring (apparently) unpleasant experiences

I sometimes wake up in the morning with a heavy/foggy feeling, and stories about this.

So I can (a) explore how it appears in the sense fields, and (b) inquire into my beliefs about it, in addition to eat well, breathe, do TRE etc.

Sense fields

What’s here in sensations? What’s here in the mental field? What happens when the two combine?  

How is it to bring attention to sensations? (And leave aside images, labels, thoughts.) 

Is it true the sensations are not OK? Is it true they mean I cannot function? 

The Work

To identify thoughts:

I feel heavy/foggy, and that means….

  • I won’t function well enough.
  • I won’t get done what I planned to get done.
  • I won’t be able to function well in a conversation.
  • It will always be this way.
  • Something is wrong.

And then take these to inquiry.


  • exploring (apparently) unpleasant experiences
    • examples
      • heavy/foggy experience in the morning
      • spacey after sugar
    • sense fields
      • what’s here in sensation (bodily sensations)
      • whats here in the mental field overlay? (labels, interpretations, stories)
      • how is it to bring attention to the sensations? (leave aside the mental field, notice the mental field as mental field)
    • beliefs
      • heavy/foggy
        • it will always be this way
        • it means i can’t function
      • spacey
        • i can’t function well enough
        • i am not able to have a conversation
    • …..

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